Nochini - A Sugar Free Juice for healthy living

Nochini is Nepal’s first bottled cold-pressed juice company. Though cold-pressed juices have been around for decades, it has just gained rapid popularity in the west and India and we are so excited to introduce it to Nepal. We wanted to look at what this specific juice was and why it is a little more special than any ordinary carton-juice that you find on supermarket shelves.


Juice vs. Cold Pressed Juice


The key difference between the two types of juice is evident in the name itself. The term “cold-pressed” refers to the process by which the juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable using a hydraulic press. Making a cold-pressed juice consists of two steps: shredding followed by pressing.


The washed fruits and veggies are first placed in a shredder, where a slowly rotating disc turns the produce into pulp. This pulp is collected in a large filter bag and placed between the two plates of the hydraulic press. It is here that the juice is squeezed out of the pulp as the filter bag is compressed from both sides. As you can see, there is absolutely no heat involved in the entire process. This allows vital nutrients, heat-sensitive enzymes, and minerals to remain unoxidized, undamaged, and absorbable.




Nochini has 8 flavors of drinks: Beet It, Hydrator, Refresher, Lemonade, CocoH2O, Starburst, Glow Up, Green Machine. All of our drinks are a combination of two or more fruits, vegetables, or superfoods. Our drinks are plant-based. Even our green smoothie, Green Machine, is plant-based as we use almond milk in place of dairy.




The best part about our drinks is that they can be consumed anytime, anywhere! Our favorite benefit of all is its power of providing energy to our bodies, to function properly but also to perform exceptionally. Cold-pressed  juice energizes and fuels the body more efficiently than almost any other food or drink on  the planet, making it an extraordinary pre- and post-workout drink. The complex carbs found in our juices containing veggies help keep energy levels high and steady for your workout. You can also opt to grab a Nochini after a strenuous workout to rehydrate, sustain energy and avoid a sugar crash. The Green Machine is a particular favorite to refuel after a workout because it contains leafy greens, nuts, and fruit. Our CocoH2O follows closely behind as coconut water contains high levels of electrolytes, such as potassium and magnesium, and natural antioxidants that help you rehydrate!